Malware through online songs website

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Music is most people’s entertainment choice across various platforms. There are many websites which provide features and facilities to listen to music online and to download some music as well.

Yesterday I visited a website “”. It is an online radio service for Indian songs, where you can find some great music of your choice. When I select a song I wish to listen to I need to click on the request tab and then it asks for the login details.

When I logged in, it redirected me to a fraudulent domain which showed that the user’s computer is heavily infected. Furthermore, it asked the user to download a file which would clean the infection.

his file gets downloaded by the name of “scandsk.exe”. This file belongs to the Backdoor.Proxyier family.
Upon execution, it allows the attacker to get access to the infected machine. The attacker may then give instructions to send, receive, execute and delete files and use this to harvest confidential data from the computer or log activity on the computer and much more.

Quick Heal Browser Protection feature blocks this harmful domain and Quick Heal Online Protection removes the downloaded files.

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