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We recently posted an article about Facebook ‘Like’ scams and the truth behind them. This post talked about how some parties created fake pages to invoke sympathy and got hundreds of thousands of likes and comments as a result.

These steps will be useful, if you often find your news feed overflowing with such posts, or posts that claim your friends have recommended something by liking it. You can resolve this in different ways. But in most cases, these friends are not even aware that their actions are causing spam or recommendations to reach your news feed. If you find that a lot of spam has reached you through a specific individual, you should probably inform him/her about this.

STEP 1: Click on the tiny scroll-down arrow that appears in the top-right corner of a news feed item to see a list of actions. If you click on ‘Report Story or Spam‘ the post will be dealt with by Facebook.

Hide post

STEP 2: If you click on ‘Hide…‘ you will see the following message. This implies that the item has disappeared from your news feed and you can choose to ‘Unhide‘ it as well.

Hidden post

STEP 3: If you hover your mouse over ‘Change what updates you get‘, you can select the kind of news feed updates you will receive from this person. You can select ‘only important’ updates, any combination of various updates or unsubscribe from the news feed completely.

Change settings

STEP 4: However, if you click on ‘Organize who you see in news feed‘, you will see the various lists that have been created. This can also be viewed via the left-side column of your news feed page.

Friend lists

STEP 5: You can now add and remove friends from these lists and also decide what kind of updates will be received from them. Additionally, other lists based on any parameter can be created as well.

Manage lists

These simple instructions on how to deal with such spam messages and avoid Facebook ‘Like’ scams can be implemented by anyone. Anti-spam software is unable to deal with such threats so it is crucial to be aware of these risks and how they can be avoided. In a worst case scenario, you can simply unsubscribe completely from a friend’s activity or block/unfriend them on Facebook for good.


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