Timeshift Backup for ubuntu from the command line?

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At first, make sure that the timeshift is installed in your system. If not, then install it using sudo apt install timeshift

Creating a Restore point

Now, launch your terminal and type the following command

sudo timeshift --create --comments "A new backup" --tags D

(Creating a restore point/snapshot may take several minutes, depends on the size of the files & your hardware resources)

-- comments "A new backup"

You can write anything as a comment, it doesn’t matter that much.

--tags D

There are several tags, that specify what kind of backup it is.

As an example

--tags D stands for Daily Backup

--tags W stands for Weekly Backup

--tags M stands for Monthly Backup

--tags O stands for On-demand Backup

You can put any tag as your wish, after the comments

Restoring a snapshot

sudo timeshift --restore

This command shows you a list of created snapshots & ask, from which snapshot you want to restore the system, you have to select the snapshot index to proceed further

After that, press the Enter key to continue, when It asks about reinstalling the GRUB2 bootloader, press the ‘y’ key, then press the Enter key again & finally, press the ‘y’ key to start the system restore…

At this moment, you have restored the system successfully, and the PC will take a reboot to ensure that your restoration is fully done.

(**When your PC is in the restoring phase, don’t do any work. It might interfere with the restoring process.)

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