Defragment Your HDD

If you have noticed, HDDs become slow in the course of time. It’s because of the fragmentation of files. So, defragmentation is an effective solution to increase the speed and stability of your Hard Disk Drives. Many free and premium tools can be used for defragmentation. To do this, you don’t have to know any technicalities. You can even enable automatic options for defragmenting files.

Clean Up Unused Software

In the course of time, you would have installed a huge number of programs on your computer. Most of them would have become useless too. In that case, you should take an effort to clean up the non-used software. This tip will help you to get the best PC speed and features. Also, these unwanted programs may be used for spying and data stealing purposes. And, yes, you can also save storage space.

Check Auto-Startup Programs

Are you facing a longer boot-up time on your laptop? Auto-Starting programs may be one reason for this. Once in a while, you should see which all software has permissions for automatic start-up. Make sure that you really need those programs to start up automatically. If you don’t, you have more reasons to remove them. This can help you decrease the boot-up time as well as free more system resources.

Unused, Big Files Are Bad

One of the things which will most frequently slow down perfectly good computers is unnecessary and unwanted clutter. Downloaded setup files, unwanted music files, and excessive film collections are amongst the data often to blame for the slow processing power of computers which were much faster than stock items. It is sensible to regularly de-clutter your computer so that this is less of a problem. Whilst this seems wasteful, your computer will operate best with no more than 50% of its memory full. If you need additional storage space then it is sensible to invest in an external hard drive and disconnect it when it is not in use. A good amount of free storage space is always recommended in any computer, be it Windows or Mac. If you’re not using some big files frequently, you can delete them. Alternatively, you can keep those files on an external HDD. And, don’t try to store media files in the OS installation drive (We are talking about Windows). Always keep some more free space in the C drive of your computer.

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