Fight Off Dust

Dust happens to be one of the major problems that affect your computer. If you have a properly enclosed room. It is not an issue. But, if you have placed the computer in a dusty room, it’s better to regularly remove dust from various parts. To do this, you have to understand the potential areas of your PC first. You can look at the vents and fan-cooling areas. Over accumulation of dust can also cause issues of PC slowdown and hardware malfunction

Open Up and Clean, if You Have a Desktop

For doing this, you should be using a desktop computer — that too, an assembled one. In that case, you can open your PC cabinet and see if there is dust accumulation on various parts. You should have a look at the RAM slots, processor, and motherboard. If you find some dirty stuff, you can use a dedicated computer cleaning kit for cleaning. We don’t recommend hand-cleaning.

Refitting Your PC

This benefit is available for assembled desktop users only. You should also have the basic idea of setting up a computer. If there is an affirmative for both, you should try refitting your desktop once in a while. You can plug out your HDD, CD Drive or Graphics card. In addition, make sure that there is no dust accumulation. This will make your PC healthier.

Update Your Software

You should always run the latest versions of the software. This might not be possible if you are using a cracked version. Indeed, we don’t recommend the use of pirated software, either. So, we were saying, regular software updates will help you with a lot of issues – such as malware attacks and vulnerability exploitation. Also, in most cases, developers include patches, performance upgrades and other necessary changes in update cycles.

Use an Antivirus Program

If you are running Windows 10, you can have two options. First, you can stick onto Windows Defender, the default antivirus. If you need additional features, you should get a third-party antivirus suite from Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast and many other developers. These suites will help your computer from many digital threats – both offline and online ones at the same time.

Install Windows Updates

For those who own a Windows Desktop or Laptop, this is a great way for protection. Once again, you must be running the genuine version of Microsoft Windows OS. It’s a fact that these updates will consume a lot of data and space. In the end, however, you will have a speedier, secure PC. Microsoft always releases patch updates to protect your PC from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Update Your Device Drivers

Nowadays, peripheral devices are also used for data stealth. So, as a matter of advanced protection, you should have up-to-date versions of device drivers inside. This is applicable for almost all devices – from a simple mouse to the graphics card. Updated drivers give you enhanced performance, and they can fix issues too. In short, they can maintain the software part of your computer.

Get Rid of Junk Files

Junk files are a reason for PC slowdown and reduced performance. So, for stable performance, you should delete junk files on a regular basis. These include temporary files and other obsolete stuff. The problem is that they can consume lots of system resources. So, it makes sense to use a tool like CCleaner and get rid of such useless stuff. If you can, you should also use a Windows Registry cleaner utility.

Delete Internet Files

Well, this might be new to you: when you browse the Internet, a lot of files are kept in storage. These include cache files, internet cookies, passwords and other scripts. At times, these files may be used to track your activities or steal data. And, the same files can cause your PC to slow down. So, it’s recommended to delete these files on a regular basis and get a quicker browsing experience.

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