Potential threats faced by smart TV sets

At first, one doesn’t realize the implications of such a security breach. But an experienced hacker could gain root access into a smart TV, breach the local network that the TV is connected to and cause utter mayhem as a result. Here are the potential risks of a hacked smart TV.

  • The attacker can gain remote access. As a result he can remotely control the TV and change channels.
  • Once an attacker gains access he can enter widgets and apps (like Skype) and steal the information that is stored on them. This includes personal details, card details and passwords.
  • A hacker can install advanced malware and backdoor exploits on the TV set.
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks can also be initiated. For instance, this could cause the TV set to restart itself endlessly, even if the power is turned OFF.
  • If a USB drive is connected to the TV, a hacker can access the content on it and create a virtual image.
  • If the smart TV is connected to a router, an attacker can monitor network traffic and reach the other machines on the network. This could specifically affect companies that use such TV sets.
  • Icons on the home screen could be replaced and could be used to redirect the user to a fake page that phishes for credit card data or other details.
  • The scariest aspect though, is the camera integrated with the TV. A hacker can switch on the camera, and the microphone, to see and hear everything. Facial recognition software can also be misused to breach personal privacy.


source : QuickHeal



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